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Edition number SC 545 was published on 12 January with all the latest trade news for the second-hand and antriquarian book trade.  There are news items  from UK, Wales and USA.  To obtain copies of future newsletters, sign up using the icons on this page.
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Most issues contain news, articles and facts about the antiquarian and second-hand book trade and for dealers in ephemera, prints and maps.  Issues include reviews of forthcoming auctions and book fairs, and reports on past auctions and major book fairs.

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Features include Calendars of Auctions & Book Fairs with comprehensive details, archives of Past Editions and Subject Insights, and a list of Books Wanted .  Members registered on Sheppard's World are now able to enter details of forthcoming book fairs and auctions. To view these, please logon to this website using your access details supplied when you registered on Sheppard's World.

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This site includes a list of dealers' catalogues - there are usually more than 100 to view (and at times over 100) though the number can vary as old ones are removed and new ones added.
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