Sheppard's Book Wants - Most Recent 50 Entries
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Title & DetailsAuthor & DetailsPublisher & Details 
534 Cedric BonnellnottinghamSend Email
533Maryborough Odd Volumes Club Victoria AustraliaSend Email
532Hamilton Odd Volumes Club Victoria AustraliaSend Email
531Stratford-upon-Avon set of odd volumes 1902-1927Send Email
530Ice Without, Fire WithinFinnBiography of Jacquetta HawkesSend Email
529The Laugh is On Me - signed by authorPhil Silvers Send Email
528 C. P. SnowSigned or association itemsSend Email
527 J.B. PriestleySigned or association itemsSend Email
526Robin Hood Literature in the Nottingham Free Public LibraryBriscoe1898Send Email
525Bendigobonnellcirca 1904Send Email
524Robin Hood The Question of his existence discussedStapletoncirca 1898Send Email
523The Wildean. A Journal of Oscar Wilde Studies 1990-2021Send Email
522  Nottingham Sette of Odde Volumes 1896 - 1904Send Email
521  Chelmsford Sette of Odde Volumes 1888-1904Send Email
520Dublin Odd Volumes Sette 2001-2021Send Email
519Hongkong Odd Volumes Society 1888-1912Send Email
518Pen and Ink IllustrationsRupert T. Gould or R.T, GouldPrivately Printed, 1916-37Send Email
517Nicolo Paganini: pen and ink illustrationsRupert T. Gould or R.T, GouldPrivately Printed, 1916-25Send Email
516London Sette of Odd Volumes, ephemera & lettersSette of Odd Volumes1878-2020Send Email
515The Epoch (Magazine) (New York) Vol. II, 1888Send Email
514Home Knowledge. A Monthly Magazine (New York) Vol. II, nov. 1887-April 1888Send Email
512The Strad (A Monthly Journal) (London) Bound in Publisher's wine-colored hard cover cloth every 6 months; need 1899-1907 volumesSend Email
511The Violin Times ( a Monthly Journal)Edited by E. Polonaski(London) Need Years 1899-1906Send Email
510Truth (Magazine) (London) Either Volumes XIX or XX, 1886Send Email
508Cocklechayne's FollyAnon / Edmund de la Pole Send Email
507Windwhistle HillAnon / Edmund de la Pole Send Email
506Home: A Literary and Domestic MagazineEditor Mrs J.H. RiddellTrafford & Co (1880-81)Send Email
505A Girl of a ThousandAnon / Edmund de la PoleWalbrook & Co (1877)Send Email
504HOUSE DESIRABLEBarron P.A.Methuen 1929Send Email
502Professor Huxley and His WorkCreaseyEdmund DurrantSend Email
501Samual Johnson. His Life, Writings and BeliefsCreaseyEdmund DurrantSend Email
500Surnames: Their Origins, Meaning, and DistributionBlagg1900Send Email
499Eighteenth Century Nottingham MagazineBonnellcirca 1900sSend Email
498An American William MorrisBonnell1904Send Email
497Newspaperdom, Fettered and FreeBonnell1902Send Email
496A Nottingham Translator of Dante and HomerBriscoe1901Send Email
495At the Sign of the FlagonBonnell1901Send Email
494Notes on Book IllustrationCharles Gerring1898Send Email
493A Historic Account of the Leper Hospital of St. Leonard, NottinghamStapleton Send Email
492The Merry Tales of the Mad Men of Gothamcropper Send Email
491The Evolution of Lamb's Ballad From the Germanlewis1897Send Email
490Notes on English Book-platesCharles Gerring1897Send Email
489The Tale of Prince DorusBriscoe1897Send Email
488An old Nottingham School-Boy's Copy Bookstapleton1897Send Email
487Story of the little prince. Lamb's Prince DorusBriscoe Send Email
486menus Sette of Odd VolumesSette of Odd VolumesSette of Odd Volumes, London.; 1878-2020Send Email
485Montagu George Knight bookplate  Send Email
483irais roman vecu Nubiana, 1912Send Email
482Scientific Book Guild.Any titles.Long runs, incl. ex-library.Send Email
478Ye Roll of Ye Set of Odd VolumesGeorge C. WilliamsonChiswick Press, 1913, Japanese Vellum, Limited numbered Deluxe Edition, Sette of Odd Volumes, Opusculum No. 72.Send Email

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