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  Sheppard’s is the home for all dealers across the world.

This site replaces the conventional Free Dealer Entry Forms that used to be sent out by post.  Dealers using the Internet can now get their business details published in Sheppard’s on-line by submitting their details here. 


All entries on this site are free.


  1. Dealers can register their business details, free of charge, and update them at any time in the future. A copy of their entry is e-mailed back as confirmation.

  2. Dealers’ details will be published free of charge.

  3. The site now has a search facility - Dealers can be listed by country/city or town. And by subject classification of books stocked.

    Each search provides the dealers' full address, telephone and (where supplied) fax numbers - email and web site addresses (where provided) and both are hyperlinked allowing you to jump directly to the dealer's web site or automatically loads your email application with the dealer's address entered.

    Most of the usual details shown are similar to those in our directories and include: type of premises, opening times, association memberships, credit cards accepted and VAT numbers where applicable.

  4. Dealers listed benefit from an additional discount over normal new book trade terms.

  5. All registered dealers, trade members and collectors will receive free of charge, our weekly published Sheppard's Confidential

  6. Cotributions to Sheppard's Confidential are only published if the writer is registered with us as a dealer, member of the trade, or collector.

Summary of Terms and Conditions

  1. Dealers agree to keep their details up to date, and to update them after receiving an e-mail to do so.

  2. Book dealers agree to supply a full postal address and contact name.

  3. We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of data but cannot be held liable for any erroneous information supplied by dealers, and cannot guarantee that errors will not occur or accept responsibility for the consequences of such errors. We welcome feedback from users who have found errors, and will endeavour to correct such errors upon notification and verification.

  4. Subscriptions. All website subscriptions whether for searching the database of dealers, or for uploading catalogues are not transferable. If cancelled after 10 days of the payment, no refunds apply.