A few of the forthcoming news items:

UK: Ephemera with an edge!
A postcard sent to police by Jack the Ripper just days before he killed his final victim taunted officers, saying: 'My knife is still in good order.' Read more.
  It is to be auctioned on 30 April by Grand Auctions in Folkestone.  Visit the auctioneer's website for more details.

UK: Should books denying the Holocaust from high street shops?
Do we have the right to spread lies freely? Or does the propagation of dangerous falsehoods limit our freedom? Old questions of freedom of speech, which have reappeared in recent years under the sexier new title of 'post-truth'. Read more
[Will this campaign turn on dealers?  Ed.]

UK: Lucky Harry Potter fan
A lucky 'Harry Potter' fan has snapped up three first edition books worth thousands of pounds for just £3 each after making magical discovery in a charity shop . . . Read more

The next edition of Sheppard's Confidential - with all the news and more will appear on Friday.